Iphone 4s hot or not

mixseller.com/plaquenil-vs-zithromax-tablet.php We'll help you fix the most common iPhone X issues, including display problems and more. Read More. Image credit: Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. I was just playing fortnite on my iPad earlier and after 2 hours it was really warm, and then now after 3 hours it was like burning me when I touched it.

Thanks for the information, and I guess fortnite is stressful for my iPad. Excellent, helpful article. Turning off the background activity of MANY apps cooled my iPhone down immediately, and improved the time between battery recharges. Based on the article, i have figure it out what is the main problem which is uncertafied usb cable.

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Yes No. Funny thing is I told her I bet it was facebook doing it, but she swears its not. Ask a question. Could it be iCloud? Try This Is your iPhone volume not working? Read our privacy policy.

So, let say i use an original usb cable after this, does this will makes my phone okay? Well done very informative and not an over use of technical terms. Please keep up the excellent articles. Has anyone ever had the problem of the iPhone getting warm, even from being held, and the person on the other end saying the can't hear you or you are breaking up?

Can't say I've experienced that, I wouldn't have thought the two things were connected though. Is it an older device? Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Unlock the free "iPhone and iPad Shortcuts" cheat sheet now! This will sign you up to our newsletter Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Enjoyed this article? I knew this was a vague enough problem that finding specific, helpful information was going to be a challenge. I found lots of forum threads full of people with similar issues. I know how to use logs to troubleshoot issues. That it would all be locked up in a black box that only the Genius Bar could open with their magical incantations.

I was wrong. Humbling realization number two. This led to the final clue, and the solution to our problem. In the Diagnostic and Usage data, there were hundreds of entries for a system process called dataaccessd. It was crashing frequently.

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I downloaded a free Activity Monitor-like app to let me monitor those system level processes, and I saw that dataaccessd was essentially running amok — pegging the CPU and the network, and constantly working really hard to do whatever it was trying to do. Many people in the forums reported success by disabling Exchange calendar sync. Could it be iCloud? My wife complaining about events being added on her phone but not showing up on the Mac at home. Maybe it was iCloud. I had gotten so frustrated with this problem that I could pick up my phone and tell by its temperature whether or not it was experiencing the issue.

I could feel it get hot, and watch the battery percentage drop before my eyes.

Why my iPhone 4 is overheating while using it?

So I disabled iCloud completely removing all my calendars, contacts, etc. Several minutes later — long enough that the battery would have dropped a couple of percent if it were still having problems — the phone was perfectly cool to the touch, and the battery percent was exactly the same.

The activity monitor app no longer showed dataaccessd going crazy. Disabling iCloud had fixed the problem.

Humbling realization number three. I didn't want to think it was Apple's fault. It was. I thought I was smart. I'm not.

Mmm, crow. Many of the threads I read reported success by disabling then re-enabling Exchange or iCloud , so I tentatively turned it back on, letting all of my data sync back, and watched it carefully over the rest of the evening and the following morning to make sure.

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It stayed cool as a cucumber, and the battery is back to the strong performance I was getting a couple of weeks ago. There are useful diagnostic logs available on your iOS device. I should learn more about these.

Troubleshooting Excessive Heat and Battery Drain Issues on iOS Devices

Ironically, the Apple bias that made me reluctant to blame them also made me reluctant to believe that they would provide the system-level diagnostics to solve the problem. Making assumptions about what you think you know is dangerous, and often leads not only to the wrong answers, but to looking dumb in public. This was an interesting read, and I can relate to it. Thanks also for pointing out the existence and location of those iOS logs, which I was unaware of until now!

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Thanks Josh. It would be nice to get our hands on a list of iOS failure codes, what is dataaccessed , here; Any idea? I bet the Apple Developer documentation would have that information least for Apple processes. Try looking at developer. My phone have been burning up for a minute, my wifes hasent.

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Strange as hell. I read ur whole article and deleted my icloud account. I litterally felt my phone relax for the first time in months, its cold once again. You have my gratitude fellow human!