How can i download blackberry messenger on my android phone

BBM for Android and iOS - Review

How to Use BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) on Android Phones You can do this via email, SMS, PIN or even by barcode, if your friend wants to scan you screen with his or her phone. Tap Continue to BBM. Tap the three vertical dots on the bottom right of the screen.

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Discover the new BBM and everything it has to offer! We started with the best messaging features on the planet, introduced privacy features to keep you in. BlackBerry Messenger is back, and is now available for Android and iOS. To thin the server tax of having everyone download the app at once, BlackBerry has if your friend wants to scan you screen with his or her phone.

This will slide in a menu from the right. Tap Invite by NFC. Then simply line up your device with another BBM user on Android to send the invite to connect. Tap your photo to add or replace a new image. You can use a sample item or take a photo wit your phone's camera. Tap the paperclip icon to insert a picture into a chat.

This will also allow you to attach a Voice Note, which is kind of like going straight to voice mail. Tap Invite More on the bottom left of the screen to invite other contacts to the same chat. Tap the three vertical dots on the far right to open a new menu, including the option to leave the chat and to Ping the other people in your chat, which is sort of like a Facebook Poke. Follow Anna Attkisson akattkisson. Follow us TomsGuide , on Facebook.

Updated Oct 22, How to Install BBM 1. Tap your username from the top of the main screen.

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Select the text box to change your username. Snap a photo and tap Replace Picture. Then tap Back. How to Chat via BBM 1. Tap Contacts, in the middle bottom of the main screen. Tap a specific contact's name and type your message.

Download BBM for Android Phone & iPhone

Then the send icon. Tap the red circle to start recording, and then the white square to stop.

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Tap the send icon. You can only use one account per device at a time.

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If you switch between devices, it will ask if you'd like to switch over, or you may just need to sign in again. BBM will only work with Wi-Fi, as most of you may already know, but the features are simple and useful. Adding people to conversations is easy just use one of the provided methods. Once you're in a conversation, you can easily make it a group chat by hitting the Invite More option.

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Also, it's easy to send pictures and voice notes with the Attach option. The other way of sending a photo is by going to your gallery and selecting BBM as the sharing method. I didn't know why it was such a fuss, and I still don't, but after using the Messenger I found it convenient and an overall pleasant experience.

It's basic and straight forward, and with over 60 million active users it won't be difficult to find friends using it. It also feels like the most active, real-time conversation app out there. Hey in my n7c i am not able to send msgs through whatsapp and facebook mesenger when i use mobile data but they send msgs when i am on wifi.. Any solution?? It may having something to do with WhatsApp not being compatible with the tablet.

I can't say the same for FB. If it doesn't update on its own, then we may have to look for an updated APK with the latest version. I know the new version has some added features. Hey Neil! Thank you for the hack. I successfully installed the app on my nexus 7 but i am facing an issue in receiving pdf files.